Object types

Facebook currently supports the following object types. They're specified using the og:type property. For example:

<meta property="og:type" content="athlete" />  

Note that the Open Graph protocol is currently designed to support real-life objects. If your URL is a piece of content — such as a news article, photo, or similar — you should set og:type to article (see below). If your URL is a video, you should set og:type to video. Pages of type article or video do not have publishing rights, and will not show up on user's profiles because they are not real world objects.







Products and Entertainment

For products which have a UPC code or ISBN number, you can specify them using the og:upc and og:isbn properties. These properties help uniquely identify products.


Use article for any URL that represents transient content - such as a news article, blog post, photo, video, etc. Do not use website for this purpose. website and blog are designed to represent an entire site, an og:type tag with types website or blog should usually only appear on the root of a domain.

If your object does not fit into one of the types above, you can specify your own type. This will be represented as type other on Facebook. We will monitor the most commonly used types and graduate them to fully supported og:types. If you are specifying your own type we recommend that you use your own namespace. For example if you are moviesite.com, and you want to mark a URL on your site as a director you would do:

<html xmlns:moviesite="http://www.moviesite.com/ns#" >   <head>  ....      <meta property="og:type" content="moviesite:director"/>